About Darya Ryan

Darya Ryan is Russian-American artist known for conceptual portraiture and installations. Her work is focused on emotionality and explores the idea of social constructs, which Darya questions and reinterprets in order to challenge familiar trends. Born in Magadan, Russia, Darya is not new to the dissident culture. Even after Perestroika this former GULAG territory was charged with political discourse. But this was not enough. One day Darya booked a ticket and with fifty dollars in her pocket flew to Los Angeles, CA. She had since completed a Bachelor’s degree at California State University, Sacramento and was later accepted into the graduate program in Art History at University of California, Davis. Darya now resides in northern California, and is an award-winning artist whose work has been published in ICON, NorCal, Editorial CQ Magazine, Morningstar, National Geographic, Social Documentary Network, and the Edge of Humanity Magazine. Her latest projects explore concepts surrounding socially induced emotions and perceptions via the narrative of portraiture and the abstraction of familiar visual cues.

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