The one and only Frida Kahlo: inspired shoot.

Does every conceptual photography shoot turn out exactly as you've envisioned it in your head? Well, NO! Not for me anyway. When i work on conceptual shoots i like to let things unfold naturally. Many times you've only had Model's portfolio to look at and you don't know how she/he will behave in front of the camera. The Hair, as well as Make-up I like to leave in the hands of my capable team who are trained in the art of these things. I know i like to have creative freedom, why shouldn't they be allowed as much? Their work will only be better if i don't try to mold them into my limited understanding of what can be done in those areas. Guiding and explaining what you are trying to achieve many times is enough to capture their imagination and let everyone brainstorm as to the best approach to a particular theme or concept you are trying to shoot together. 

For this shoot I've created a mood board to help relate what i wanted to shoot. This particular tool is super simple to use and FREE! It takes only a few minutes to upload the photos and make needed comments to explain what every image is supposed to convey: mood, lighting, make-up, hair style, or a pose(s) that you would like the Model to try. 

I am curious to know what other people are using to create mood boards for their shoots. If you find this article, feel free to comment below and share your fave tools for collaborative work. 

Now FRIDA!  Model: Nibvana, MUA: Morgan Q Glam, Hair: Selene Yebra

Model Test Shoot with Esca

Most Photographers don't like surprises when it comes to the day of the photoshoot, but those of us who work with ModelMayhem quickly learn that dealing with unexpected is just part of the job. Fortunately some of these surprises can be pretty awesome! Finding Esca was one of those happy accidents: gorgeous, fearless and graceful this young lady made our day. Needless to say the camera loved her every move and we ended up shooting 3 different looks in what seemed like very short 3 hours.

A quick behind the scenes video, followed by some of the images from that day: