About Darya Ryan

A Russian-American Photographer, Darya Ryan, was born in Magadan, Russia (Siberia). A former GULAG territory, this region always had a charged dissident culture, where many questioned history and government agendas. But even after Perestroika (and eventual Soviet Union collapse), which finally allowed previously underground art to flourish out in the open, Darya had to see the world for herself. With fifty dollars in her pocket she flew to Los Angeles, CA, where she would begin her journey of discovering, comparing her experiences in the United States with those in Russia, and formulating her own unique perspective on what she considers meaningful art. Thanks to scholarships she was able to get a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sacramento and was later accepted into the graduate program in Art History at University of California, Davis. The defining impetus towards Photography came during her travels throughout Europe and visits to other countries. Work found in the museums of Picasso, Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, and Cairo illuminated and centralized Darya’s artistic focus into exploring the human form and the politics of the body across cultures. Darya now resides in northern California, and is an award-winning artist whose work has been published in ICON, NorCal, Editorial CQ Magazine, Morningstar, National Geographic, Social Documentary Network, and the Edge of Humanity Magazine. Her latest projects explore concepts surrounding socially induced emotions and perceptions via the narrative of portraiture and the abstraction of familiar visual cues.

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